September 29, 2016
Logotipo de la web del Portal

Torrejón de Velasco

Logotipo de la web del Portal
Torrejón de Velasco
Town Council
Plaza España, 1
28990 Torrejón de Velasco
Tlf: 91 816 15 27 / 91 816 15 28
Fax: 91 816 15 50

Greeting From The Mayor

As mayor of Torrejón de Velasco, I say welcome to the official website of the City Council.

As a public institution serving the people, our duty is to provide residents throughout the municipal information in a comfortable and accessible.

Because only known what was communicated in this page we inform all the neighbours efforts being made by the City Council, are the activities designed from the different councils for your enjoyment, we provide addresses and you keep abreast of all developments in our city. But this page is also a showcase for our town. Torrejón gets a window that invites you to discover our town, its rich culture and its people, demonstrating that our town offers another way of living.

And it means that knowledge and confidence that is our goal: to serve our neighbours in a town hall in which to trust, governed by a single principle: that of your interest. To this end we put at your disposal, this site, a perfect information and also receiving your suggestions, working together in Torrejón de Velasco, Torrejón de Velasco because we all are.

D. Miguel Ángel López Del Pozo

Mayor-President of Torrejón de Velasco